Changes on the Horizon!

Changes on the Horizon!

Changes on the Horizon!

Changes on the Horizon!

FSO Success

Changes on the Horizon!

We at FSO PRO are looking far into the distance to keep you prepared.

Changes on the Horizon!
Here is your map to success!!
Anyone else overwhelmed by all the new requirements from DSS? Oh – just us?

You may have noticed – there is a push from Defense Security Service to re- view, monitor, or assess each company before the end of the fiscal year. That’s September 30th… just a little over 60 days from now.

Many of you and many, many FSO PRO clients have been (or will be!) respond- ing to questionnaires, a ending telecons, or having your DSS Rep on-site for inspections. (No “Lazy Days of Summer” for the FSO!)

With all of the changes coming (DISS! NISS! eAPP! NIST 800! CUI! Enhanced SVAs! Oh my!), it can get a little overwhelming, making a busy person lay awake at night wondering if we are missing something important?

Keep Calm…

Here are the key items from DSS. Go through this checklist and make sure you can answer each question. If you have something to discuss – reach out to us. We will help you!

July 2018

What should FSO’s be doing
this month?

    • Work through the questions!
    • Review the eFCL items for your organization.
    • Make changes where necessary
    • Provide travel debriefings to your summer vacationers who left the country.
    • Update your “Travel Tracking” spreadsheet since your last inspectioon.
    • Register with DISS
    • Begin any new hire clearance actions 30 days out if needed.
    • Administer any scheduled annual training: Annual Refresher, Insider Threat, Self-Inspections.
    • Keep signing up for the “DSS In Transition” demos: DISS, NISS, KISS (okay, that last one is fake.)
    • Go to our Facebook or Instagram to win some free doughnuts!
    • Share the doughnuts – don’t be a jerk.


  • Do you have active classified contracts (DD254s)? Can you explain the requirements of each and know how many personnel work on it?
  • Have you received any new classified contracts since your last inspection? Have any become inactive?
  • Have there been any changed conditions affecting your facility clearance since it was issued? These include name change, address change, new ownership, change to KMP List. (NISPOM 1-302.g)
  • Do you have a JPAS account and have you submitted any personnel for clearances? (NISPOM 2-200)? Do you have a back-up User?
  • Have you registered for DISS yet? Note: unlike with JPAS, Consultants can be a DISS back-up Account Manager/Administrator.
  • Have you developed your initial security education, annual refresher training, and Insider Threat training? (NISPOM 3-106, 3-107)?
  • Has the training been administered or calendared?
  • If cleared personnel have begun performing, did they receive a briefing, Insider Threat, and/or sign a SF 312 prior to accessing classified information?
  • Were any original (for new clearances) SF312’s sent to PSMO-I? (NISPOM 3-105)?
  • Are you aware of all the reporting requirements? (NISPOM 1-301)
  • Have you conducted an Annual self-assessment? What did you utilize to conduct this assessment? What were the results? Explain requirement (NISPOM 1-206B)?
  • Have you started or completed FSO training? (NISPOM 3- 102)?
  • What procedures did you follow for incoming/outgoing visit requests? (NISPOM Chapter 6)
  • What method are you utilizing to submit fingerprints?
  • If you feel confident with your answers for each one – Congratulations! You are well on your way to a smooth transition into the new requirements.
Changes on the Horizon!

Some mes you don’t know which way is up on these things.

Changes on the Horizon!

We know, it’s a big list. Take your time.

Who is FSO PRO?

FSO PRO is a NISPOM-based company that offers common sense, practical support to empower FSOs and help small businesses develop a superior Security program.

FSO PRO is proud to be your resource for forms, information, training, on site visits and inspections—and much more.

We would love to be your full service consultant—meaning we do more than just advise you, we take care of you. Contact us today!

Not so confident about a few? Don’t panic. Stop and take on that one subject for a few minutes (really!) each day. It is the dreaded “hanging over our head” feeling of tasks that make it all seem overwhelming.

Finally – let FSO PRO know how we can help! We are working on updating video training, creating contests and awards for FSO motivation on, and giving shout-outs to “awesome” FSOs and DSS Reps to encourage that extra effort that makes a difference in our Industry. We even send out doughnut cards to our clients!

Let us know what would help you – even if it is just for fun. Enjoy what you do!

Changes on the Horizon!
Need more explanation or assistance with any items mentioned this month? Contact FSO PRO!
Terms This Month:

KMP – Key Management Personnel. Owners, FSOs, stakeholders – listed in eFCL.

eFCL – Electronic Facility Clearance website. Where your Facility Clearance paperwork is updated! ISFD – Industrial Security Facility Database. Most up-to-date resource for FCLs!

NISS – National Industrial Security System. It will combine eFCL and ISFD!

DISS – Defense Information System for Security – will replace JPAS… eventually.

e-SVA – Enhanced Security Vulnerability Assessment. A more risk-based inspection.

NISPOM – National Industrial Security Program Opera on Manual. The bible for FSOs other than, you know – THE Bible! (My mama reads these!)

PSMO – Personnel Security Management Office – where they are super helpful once you get them on the phone!

eAPP – This will replace eQIP.

NIST 800 – A cyber plan. This may or may not be part of future SVAs

CUI – Controlled Unclassified Information. This will be part of future SVAs.

FSO PRO thanks all the FSOs out there for everything you do to keep the warfighter safe. Even the smallest task is designed to keep our nation’s information out of the hands of those who would do harm. We, as FSOs, are doing our part to stay vigilant and determined to protect those who protect us, even in our own small way.

That is why we say how awesome you are. And thank you.


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