Your business is a cleared facility, but you do not have time to do all of the FSO work. Now what?

We Have The ANSWERS You Need

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FSO PRO — Expert. Security. Solutions.

These are the challenging issues that face small businesses who must obtain and hold a facility clearance.
Small businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time FSO, and the full-time employee who has been named FSO does not have the time to constantly hunt down and learn all the procedures and processes required for a compliant Industrial security program.

However they still want to offer a solid security program at their organization.

This is where FSO PRO comes in. Our mission is to help small and medium sized businesses who are part of the National Industrial Security Program but want a more affordable solution than hiring a full-time person or assigning it to an employee who needs to focus on other important areas of the company instead.

FSO PRO Services


Whether your organization needs a little help or a lot, FSO PRO offers an affordable hourly rate while you get to decide how much help you need. You get to determine how many hours you want. FSO PRO can design your entire program or just provide an extra set of hands during a busy time.


We don’t just tell you how to get ready, FSO PRO is hands-on and works with you to be ready right up until your inspection AND to help implement the recommendations that follow.


FSO PRO will work with you to create the security program that works for your organization – no more and no less, saving you valuable time and money.

FSO PRO will set it all up for you.

  • Full walkthrough of the process of getting your facility cleared
  • DISS Support
  • Personnel Clearance Administration
  • Inspection Prep
  • Government-required briefings: Initial, Annual, Debriefing
  • Proper Safeguarding
  • Write security plans and procedures (writing and revising security plans, procedures/instructions, fixed facility checklists, SOP and information security plans and procedures as needed)
  • Prepare and maintain physical security requirements
  • Development and implementation of security awareness program
  • Participate in company self-inspections and audits
  • Prepare any reports, documenting the current status of all open security requests to be forwarded to executive management
  • Accurate and efficient creation and maintenance of personnel security files
  • Provide security support to management and for contracts (for prime and subcontracts)
  • Educate regarding government and company security policies, as well as provide direction and guidance with regard to these program security regulations
  • Assist with maintaining certification and accreditation of the facilities
  • Provide ad hoc support responding to security requirements from customers, ensure they meet compliance of government security directive
  • Process personnel security clearances via the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing e-QIP
  • Participate in an active Security Awareness and Education Program
  • Proposal support – write ups and data calls
  • VARS, DD254s, Forms, Reports and all other FSO Administration
  • Security education such as web training and newsletters
  • The latest industry regulations and changes
  • A tailor-made program for your organization

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