Happy New Year & Corkpop to all the FSOs who use this letter to optimize all that you do!

What should FSOs be doing this month?

  • Complete all FSO Courses!
  • Schedule a formal Self- Inspection.
  • Review DD254s for compliance and correctness.
  • NATO Briefings if required.
  • Administer the Insider Threat Briefing & Annual Refresher Briefing.
  • Update your Facility Profile in your NISS Account through the DCSA Portal.
  • Log into NISS, NBIS and DISS on a regular basis.
  • Initiate SF86 Submissions as needed in NBIS.
  • Remove/Add personnel and access from all system of records as needed.
  • Communicate with your Senior Management!
  • Take your Vitamins! (We promised Mom we’d say that.)

Years ago, we launched this newsletter to help FSOs keep up with all the FSO requirements, security hacks, and the “what’s in it for my security program” when DCSA distributes mass emails. As a result, our sub- scriber list has grown! Thank you!

With the demand for tools and resources growing, our FSO PRO Members have grown too and taken advantage of our Inspection checklists, common mistakes list, videos, Annual Planner, most common security emails, monthly security awareness… we are grateful to how much it has grown and will keep adding FSO support for each member!

Thank you for all you do to keep this nation safe AND for being an amazing FSO!

Happy New Year & Corkpop to all the FSOs who use this letter to optimize all that you do!
When DCSA sends you NBIS updates and Security Review notifications as soon as you are back from the holidays!

What’s New for FSOs?

Security Reviews—back in person!

They are back! At some point this year, if you did not have an on-site security review in 2023, you should probably expect to see one scheduled in 2024.

The longest we have seen is an 8 month heads up and the shortest was 9 days. Most DCSA Reps fall in the 1-3 month notification category.

How to prepare?
1) Do your self-inspection! To quote a DCSA Field Chief, “It is an open book test!”
2) Meet with your team! Senior Management Officials are much more involved now. Prepare them!

Updated Timelines!

All SF86s must be within five years for ALL clearance levels and everyone needs to be enrolled in Continuous Evaluation (CE).

New Systems—NBIS and eAPP are now in use!

NBIS: So far, we only use the system for investigations but expect to see more and more features over the next 2 years as we migrate from DISS.

eAPP: The system emails login information directly to the subject so make sure you have the right email address in the system!

For those of you who are full-time FSOs – boy, do you have job security these days! For those of you who do your FSO work in addition to high- priority tasks – well, we are here for you!

If you have questions or need more information about any of the items below – please reach out to us. This is about experiencing GREAT success as an FSO. We like to think of this newsletter as a Tony Robbins-meets-adrenaline-shot for your program. So, let’s let old systems be forgot (but we still miss you eFCL!) and embrace a plan for an amazing new year.

The 24-Step Plan to an Extraordinary Year!

We are offering 24 steps for 2024 (see what we did there?) so you can be the FSO you want to be in 2024! It is not difficult, as long as you have the dedication, focus, correct tools, and of course – the FSO PRO team at your disposal!

Follow this path to begin the best FSO Year:

Happy New Year & Corkpop to all the FSOs who use this letter to optimize all that you do!
Sorry for the selfie.

Feed Your Mind

  1. Make an effort to review the DCSA website at least once a day. They just updated the web design for the website (fancy!) in addition to having lots of updates to keep you informed.
  2. Take an opportunity to review things posted in the FSO Toolkits, CDSE trainings, and other items that are available to you that can used to benefit your security program… and they are all FREE for you to use.
  3. Get the free resources that FSO PRO offers with each monthly newsletter or go to our web- site for free downloads. We are also happy to answer “what is this for?” types of questions.

If you need more – we have an “Ultimate FSO Planner” that comes FREE with your
FSO PRO Membership—along with other timesaving tools, resources, and FSO hacks!

Happy New Year & Corkpop to all the FSOs who use this letter to optimize all that you do!
We are strong. No one can tell us we’re wrong.

Make a Strong Plan

  1. Each year, FSO PRO offers a one-page FREE FSO Action Planner. Get yours today!
  2. DCSA has also created an Annual Planning Tool with an emphasis for each month (we are not saying they copied our idea, but we are not NOT saying it. Haha!) Use both to plan out your:
  3. Training – for you and personnel.
  4. Themes for each month.
  5. Logins and new account processes.
  6. Meetings/Calls with your DCSA Rep and your CISA to help identify your critical assets.
  7. Annual Requirements.

Do Your Worst First

  1. Right as the year begins, take a huge step forward by doing what you like the least. We all have something that is difficult for various reasons,
  2. Calling your DCSA Rep. (This isn’t the worst, but a lot are nervous to do it!)
  3. Scheduling a “Security Awareness week” with a speaker via WebEX.
  4. Updating your DISS/NBIS training: PII and Cyber Challenge. 15. Make sure your eAPP instructions/email is current!
  5. Conducting specialized training.
  6. Building your “Security Library” on a shared drive.
  7. Logging into NISS, DISS, NBIS, and SWFT on a regular basis and keeping them updated.
Happy New Year & Corkpop to all the FSOs who use this letter to optimize all that you do!
Your task can seem daunting, But ignoring it won’t make it any easier.

Take it from us – who got this from our Mum – you get a great energy surge and sense of victory if you spend January 2024 addressing all the tasks you are likely to procrastinate.

Strengthen Your Network

  1. Make every effort to improve your communication with DCSA this year – this is a partnership and they need to hear from FSOs – especially with all the new systems. We have to move this forward together!
  2. Go to the NCMS events (again—via Webex and “hubs”) and talk with other FSOs. You may find a great mentor!
  3. Participate in FSO PROs polls and lobbying events on our Social Media – the subscriber list to this newsletter is growing each month—let’s share ideas!

Happy New Year & Corkpop to all the FSOs who use this letter to optimize all that you do!

Strengthen Your Body

Okay, this one is and isn’t something highlighted on the DCSA website, but it is equally important to stay healthy. A lot of the FSO work can be tedious and re- quire long hours. Being a physically strong FSO supports all the massive action that we encourage you to take, increases focus, mental clarity, and helps maintain the energy you need. If this is going to be your best FSO year then:

  1. Go on a walk. Eat foods with nutritional value. Take the vitamins recommended by Mum!23. Update your FCL Profile in NISS! This is one of the main deficit areas during inspections!

Join The Club!

  1. Join the FSO PRO Members!

You are busy and may not have time to figure something out quickly. The FSO PRO membership is like having a team of AFSOs with over 20 years experience to help you out!

Our membership saves FSOs time and energy as we

  • Inspection help
  • Self-inspection help
  • Answer direct questions
  • Provide templates you request
  • Fingerprint support
  • Training videos
  • Assist with your inspection prep
  • Provide updates the moment we receive it from DCSA

Thank you to all the FSOs out there who have joined the club and are taking the confusion out of their program! The more we grow, the more we are making things just for you such as tools, shortcuts, videos, checklists, contests, and things that add fun and function to what you do. Here’s to you and here’s to even more growth in 2024!

Need more explanation or assistance with any items mentioned this month? Contact FSO PRO!

The 2024 Ultimate FSO Planner!

  • Monthly Calendars
  • NISP Planners
  • Training Spreadsheet
  • FSO Budget Planner
  • Checklists for pre-screening, new hires, personnel clearances, and more!

Ask us for more information! But FREE with FSOPRO Membership.

FSO PRO thanks all the FSOs out there for everything you do to keep the warfighter safe. Even the smallest task is designed to keep our nation’s information out of the hands of those who would do harm. We, as FSOs, are doing our part to stay vigilant and determined to protect those who protect us, even in our own small way.

That is why we say how awesome you are. And thank you.

Click here to download the 2024 Annual Security Action Planner PDF

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