Don’t Panic

Remember how DSS (yes, I am using that name on purpose) changed everything in the past several months?
They changed:

    • Their name (I am used to saying DCSA now – just in time to get used to writing 2021 on my checks!)
    • The Director
    • They took away eFCL (still hurts) and replaced it with NISS which rhymes with DISS – the system that will replace JPAS (not confusing at all)
    • They changed PSMO to VROC
    • Moved the URL of STEPP and made JPAS certificates harder to retrieve
    • They shut down the call centers (or had hold times for an hour)
    • They replaced SVAs with CMs (okay – we like that one a bit cause we can wear our pajamas, in theory. You can’t prove we did that.)
    • There is more, but I will pause… good times, am I right?
    • Don't PanicWell – the folks that brought all those changes are bringing some more fun in 2021! (Note: Take a swig of coffee here!)

    # 1 – The NEW NISPOM”

    If you haven’t seen it on the DCSA website yet – they have been announcing a new rule titled “National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)” (32 CFR part 117) on December 21, 2020. I have not given that too much thought until this week when one of my DCSA Reps referred to it as “the New NISPOM”. Then, she expressed that she was a bit nervous and that she was glad that they are not doing SVAs right now because of “changes for industry.”

    Don't Panic

    According to the website, this “new rule” will become effective February 24, 2021, and authorizes the contractor no more than 6 months to comply with changes from the effective date of the rule.

    To assist in implementing the NISPOM Rule and help those not familiar with the rule’s structural format, DCSA is pleased to announce the release of the job aid on the Industrial Security homepage: and a Key Resource within the FSO Toolkit.

    Before you add too much Bailey’s to your coffee, just know that over the next few weeks we at FSO PRO will be going through this and badgering our favorite DCSA Reps (Misty! Matt! Bradon! Wayne!) for more details and sharing them with our membership and creating tools for our subscribers.

    #2 – Countdown to DISS

    Well, we all new this one was coming but they are putting a countdown on it. At the top of the JPAS main page they have posted this:

    ATTENTION! JPAS Shutdown Countdown: Target date of 31 Mar 2021

    Before you start worrying if the government is ready for that, you should first focus on the actions for your DISS account. If you have not been taking your DISS Personnel rosters seriously, now is the time. Make sure your DISS has all the same personnel as your JPAS. This may require you to both delete and add personnel. FSO PRO has instructions for that. Don’t let JPAS shut down without doing that! Remember what happened with eFCL? Those records were GONE!

    #3 – Continuous Monitoring

    They are being scheduled now for 2021. At this point, we have attended almost 40 CM calls and can help you with yours. We have assembled a helpful checklist for Continuous Monitoring and for our Members – we will set up a call and go over it with you!

    Don't Panic

    I Heart My REP!

    Matt! Larrissa! Braden! Susie! Mary! Ashley! Brent! Juaquita! Brian! Not former Mousketeers (that we know of …) but these are a few (real) first names of some DCSA Representatives that we LOVE! They:

    • Take & Return Calls/emails quickly
    • Provide Resources
    • Problem Solve
    • Help Expedite
    • Solicit FSO Feedback
    • Track down support & More!

    Really, we cannot feel more love towards those that have a real partnership with FSOs and companies as opposed to never being available, never responding, playing “gotcha” with new FSOs, speaking only to BIG company FSOs, etc. Just in time for Valentine’s Day: This cup is a great icebreaker for your meetings (usually gets a big laugh!) Order yours here!

    Need more explanation or assistance with any items mentioned this month? Contact FSO PRO!

    FSO PRO thanks all the FSOs out there for everything you do to keep the warfighter safe. Even the smallest task is designed to keep our nation’s information out of the hands of those who would do harm. We, as FSOs, are doing our part to stay vigilant and determined to protect those who protect us, even in our own small way.

    That is why we say how awesome you are. And thank you.

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