Dear Industry Partners… Love DSS

Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

Dear Industry Partners… Love DSS

Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

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Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

Some people like getting letters…. Some do not.

Dear Industry Partners … Love, DSS

It’s not quite like getting an owl from Hogwarts, but FSOs have been receiving lots of mail from our own Ministry – Defense Security Service – during January 2018.

By all accounts, they have a lot of changes in store for the days ahead, so let’s break it down for “what do I need to do as an FSO?”


    1. “Preparation for Upcoming e-FCL PSI Data Collection” – while you were enjoying the three-day weekend that Martin Luther King, Jr. made possible, the Defense Security Service sent out this email. You either read it on your smart phone or it was waiting in your inbox when you returned from the holiday and you thought …


    1. What’s this now? It is a reminder that once a year, all FSOs make a projection of all the investigations he or she will need for their organization over the next three fiscal years.


    1. When? The “PSI Data Collection” is on schedule for February of this year.


    1. Action Item: For now, ensure you can login to your eFCL Account.


If you do not have one, coordinate that with your DSS Representative. If you are locked out, request a temporary password from

What should FSO’s be doing this month?

    • Make sure you can log into your organization’s eFCL account.
    • Create your own folder of “FSO Email Verbiage” to save time with personnel.
    • Do the PSI Projection in eFCL.
    • Log into JPAS and any other timed data base so you don’t get locked out.
    • Remove any personnel who should not be in JPAS by outprocessing or contract ending.
    • Run a PR report to determine who is due for a periodic reinvestigation. If it is 90 days out or less, start the re-investigation.
    • Check visit requests or VARS to see if they are going to expire or have out-processed people on them.
    • Begin any new hire clearance actions 30 days out if needed.
    • Look at the expiration dates on your classified contracts (DD254) and coordinate with your Contracts Administrator to see if they are being extended or ending soon for de-briefings if necessary.
    • Take a CDSE Class and ask your DSS Rep if it is a NISP Enhancement!
    • Administer any scheduled annual training: Annual Refresher, Insider Threat, Self-Inspections.

How do I do this?


    • First: Make sure you can log into eFCL. Once upon a time, eFCL was only used to upload changes about your facility – like, new address or change to the KMP list. It is now where you submit this annual survey AND your annual self-inspection certification. So now, more than ever, make sure you can log in. Locked out? Send an email to and they will send you a temporary password in less than 24 hours. If you are a new FSO, contact your Industrial Security Representative now to ensure you are able to log in.


    • Second: Make the projections.
      There are several ways of doing this, but at FSO
      PRO we like to use the following formula to help
      complete this for our clients:


Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

I am sure we are ALL familiar with this login. Right guys? Right?

Historical data Historical growth rate = Projections.

For instance, if you did about 6 new investigations this year and 1 periodic reinvestigation and your company grew 10%, you can project slightly higher investigations each year.
Conversely, if big contracts are coming to an end or you are graduating out of the 8(a) program, you can move that formula in reverse.
Some companies with high turnover (overseas deployments, role players, training classes) may want to use the same numbers each year. Again, there is no wrong method – just make an educated prediction.

Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

We would like to apologize for having so many movie and TV references in this newsletter. If you got all of the references so far… 20 points to Ravenclaw.


    1. “Letter to Industry on DSS In Transition”
      The second bit of correspondence went out to most – but not all – FSOs.
      (No, we don’t know why some got it and some did not.) It was from Director Daniel E. Payne announcing the implementation of the “DSS in Transition” hereafter given the hip anacronym “DiT” Methodology.


    1. What’s this now? In a nutshell, the organization is changing the way they conduct security reviews. They will move to a more risk-based method.


    1. When? The are beginning the pilots or Phase 1 assessments now. DSS will start with four facilities “one for each region” over the “next month”. Since the letter was dated January 19, 2018, we can assume those four facilities will receive their golden tickets (or chosen as Tributes depending on how excited you are about it) between now and February 19, 2018


    1. Action item: If you are one of the four, there will be a “Threat Assessment” of your classified contracts (yes, one of our subscribers has already found themselves selected); training and implementing a “Tailored Security Plan” aka TSP.



    1. Training Email – Subject line varies Some DSS Representatives want to get their FSOs prepared for the days ahead by offering training.


    1. What’s this now? Three classes available with CDSE recommended for FSOs and management teams. They are as follows:
      Introduction to Risk Management Course – GS150.06 (30 minutes)
      Introduction to the Risk Management Framework Course – CS124.16
      (30 Minutes) and the exam CS124.06
      Risk Management for DoD Security Programs Course – GS102.16 and the exam GS102.06 (3 hours)


    1. When?
      Any time you can fit it in. We hear you are not doing much between 3:00 and 4:00 am these days …


    1. Action item: It may be worth asking your DSS Rep if these courses would be considered a NISP Enhancement if you or your management teams completed them. This would up the motivation for the training and increase the buy-in!


Speaking of Love Letters … XOXO, Your FSO

FSOs send out the love too!

Over the course of your FSO career you will find yourself sending out the same instructions … A LOT!!

Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

Training is always good…. Almost always.

Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

FSOs, like this one, are relentless in their pursuit of people who need information.
But sometimes possibly slightly annoyed perhaps maybe.

A great time-saving tip is to create your own folder of
“email verbiage” so that it is ready to go for your personnel.

Here are some of the topics we recommend:

On-boarding instructions
: briefings, accesses, keys,
screenings, etc.
Personnel Clearances: Proof of Citizenship request/
Instructions; eQIP/completing the SF86; Correcting/
Modifying the SF86; “Privacy Act Statement” upon
completing SF86; SF312 briefing and Instructions; fingerprinting
instructions; troubleshooting tips for eQIP.
Off-boarding: Debriefing information; summary of “what happens to your clearance” when out processing.
Briefing Instructions: Initial/Annual/Insider Threat instructions.
SVA (Inspection) Preparation for each Department: IT, Finance, HR, Programs and Executive Management.
Foreign Travel: Pre-Travel Briefing; Post Travel De-briefing.

Example of email verbiage you should keep on file:


Welcome back from your travels!

We hope you had a fun and/or successful trip. Please find attached your After Foreign Travel Debrief to help us capture
any information that may be reportable to Defense Security Service.

Please complete the yes/no questionnaire and return it to me for review and in support of your personnel security

Thank you for all you do to keep your organization compliant regarding cleared personnel and foreign travel.”


More of these sample emails will be provided to our “FSO-SuperHeroes Members Club” during the month of February 2018.

Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

This grinds my gears.

I would like to buy a vowel, Vanna!

From one of our subscribers: “There are so many ‘terms’ in Security. Can you start explaining more of the terms/acronyms? “Sure, we can! Here are some that we used JUST in this newsletter!

Terms of the month:

= DSS in Transition
= Tailored Security Plan
= Phased 1 Assessments of DiT
= Center for Development of Security Excellence
= Personnel Security Investigation
= Fiscal Year. You will be asked to do the PSI projections for the next three fiscal years. The Pilots
are kicking off in the 2018 Fiscal Year and Assessed in the 2019 Fiscal Year.



Who is FSO PRO?



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FSO PRO is proud to be your resource for forms, information, training, on site visits and inspections—and much more.



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Need more explanation or assistance with any items mentioned this month?
Contact FSO PRO!

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Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS
Dear Industry Partners... Love DSS

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