Checklist: What should I be doing this month?

□ Log into JPAS and any other timed data base so I don’t get locked out.
□ Run a personnel report to review the status of all personnel – does their non-SCI access match their contractual work?
□ Remove any personnel who should not be in JPAS.
□ Run a PR report to determine who is due for a periodic reinvestigation. If it is 90 days out or less, start the re-investigation.
□ Check visit requests or VARS to see if they are going to expire or have out-processed people on them.
□ Reviewing personnel
□ Vetting clearances for new awards (fiscal year begins 1 October).
□ Begin any new hire clearance actions 30 days out if needed.
□ Administer any new required training within 30 days of a new award.
□ Type up the self-certification letter for Insider Threat Program.
□ Send self-certification letter to DSS Field Office for review.
□ Prepare for next month’s Cyber Awareness Month!
□ Bonus: Letting FSO PRO help with all of this!!

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