5 Actions That Can Improve your FSO Work Right Now!

5 Actions That Can Improve your FSO Work Right Now!

5 Actions That Can Improve your FSO Work Right Now!

1) Take stock – have you ever developed “metrics” for your executive management or business developers?   You can provide:

  • Percentage of cleared personnel or number of classified contracts
  • Amount of revenue from Classified Contracts
  • Breakdown of types of contracts by Department or Branch of Service

Provide them with an at-a-glance snapshot and show them you are on top of your game and prepared for the next proposal.

2) Update your eQIP instructions for your personnel.

Right now, eQIP has changed forever. A 14-Digit PIN will be provided and used to log in to eQIP and update or complete an SF86.   Do your organization’s eQIP instructions reflect the new information?

3) Prep! Plan your annual calendar. Add:

  • Required briefings
  • Self-inspection
  • Events
  • DD254 Review

You need to know when your requirements are due.   Even if you can’t get to everything, you have nothing until you get it down.

4) Get help. Your Industrial Security Representative is there to help YOUR organization’s security program.  Don’t wait until they come for the SVA – call and ask them a question that has been nagging you, send him or her an e-mail.   They want you to ask!

Don’t need help? Ask if they have any good ideas for FSOs.

Here is one idea an IS Rep recently provided:

Review the 13 adjudicative guidelines with your cleared personnel and make them sign an acknowledgement stating that in the last calendar year, they “have no adverse information to report for themselves or any other cleared person.”   Chances are, the FSO will obtain more reports if someone has to make the commitment in writing.

5) Be goofy! Send some funny items out to your team: give out candy with messages like “Kiss your security violations good-bye!” or “Be a security Smartie!” to help promote upcoming training. Create team competitions, send YouTube videos or make a security poster contest.  Security does not have to be tedious.   Even a funny cartoon about password requirements can be a helpful reminder.


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